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Carolinian Canada Give-Away Guidelines

Guidelines for Carolinian Canada 10K Challenge and Pawpaw Parade Give-Aways
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Start Tracking September 13, 2020! 

Purpose:  The Great Pawpaw Parade supports passionate people growing Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden from Toronto to Windsor by sharing native plants. 

Give-Away Overview:  Over 150 Native Plant Give-Aways (details below).  Launching the Carolinian Canada 10K Challenge Give-Aways.  

Eligibility:  Track your garden with In the Zone September 13 - 28, 2020

Selection Process:  Recipients will be identified throughout September 2020 unless otherwise indicated.  Recipients will be selected based on Tracker submissions by the Parade Team.  You will only be contacted if you are selected. 

Conditions:  Recipient agrees to pick up and plant by October 2021 on land they own or manage in the Carolinian Zone;  follow recommended planting instructions; do not plant in natural areas unless approved by an ecologist or Carolinian Canada; steward with care for 3 years; update Tracker annually; share photos for educational purposes. (unless otherwise indicated in give-away details).   

Other Guidelines:  The Pawpaw Parade is subject to Carolinian Canada 10K Challenge Give-Away Guidelines as well.


Pawpaw Parade Give-Away Details

In addition to the rare and delicious Pawpaw tree, we are adding more types of native plants this year so more people can adopt a wild treasure! 

Pawpaw – 30 give-aways - 25 pairs and 5 singles (for lonely Pawpaws) - 2 year old saplings

  • A small rare tree that is prized for its fruit, that has tones of mango and banana. It bears the largest native fruit in North America.  It needs shade, regular watering and well-drained soil. A pair is required to produce fruit. 

Tulip Tree – 15 single trees - 2 year old saplings

  • This iconic Carolinian tree grows tall and stately with large yellow tulip-like flowers.  It grows in full sun in sand or sandy loam and needs lots of moisture during the summer.

Blue Ash – 30 single trees - 4 year old saplings / 2 m tall

  • A hardy ash tree that likes to be near water and was used by Indigenous people to make blue dye. It may be more tolerant of Emerald Ash Borer. 

Cucumber Magnolia – 15 single trees to foster for plant conservation research

  • Selection by spring 2021 - Additional conditions will apply for research / conservation purposes
  • An endangered Carolinian tree part of a new research program that includes landowner stewardship and DNA analysis.  To protect wild populations it cannot be planted in natural areas.  It is a large tree for moist to wet sites in full sun.  It prefers rich, slightly acidic soil.  Volunteers will foster the plant and may or may not be able to keep them depending on research outcomes.

My Wild Garden Kits – 60 kits mailed when seeds are available for planting in late fall.

  • This wild garden kit includes easy-grow native wildflower seed packs for sunny gardens and supports First Nations youth employment.

Plus  - you are automatically entered into Carolinian Canada's 10K Challenge Give-Aways




What if you had 6 months to save the world but you’re stuck at home? Join My Wild Green Home 10K Challenge for local wildlife and a healthy Zone.

Give-Away Overview

Hundreds of monthly give-aways for climate-smart wildlife lovers plus a grand prize wildlife garden design makeover

Give-Away Details - What are We Giving Away?

10K Challenge Monthly and Regional Give-Aways

  • details to be announced

10K Challenge Grand Prize – Track by March 15, 2021

  • Wildlife Garden Make-over Design Consultation (Value $500) + Native Plant Gift Certificate (Value $500)


Track or update your garden with In the Zone from September 13, 2020 to March 15, 2021.

Monthly deadlines will be promoted for each monthly give-away.  Watch for limited-time pop-ups too. 

You only need to Track your garden once to be eligible for all give-aways until March 2021.  The sooner you apply the more give-aways you will be eligible for.

  • A ‘garden’ can be any site that you own or manage e.g. yard, field, balcony, corporate lands, park – no natural features needed.
  • The first time you use the Tracker you will be ‘registering’ your baseline garden.  No native plants needed!
  • If you have Tracked before, simply update your Tracker during the eligibility period.

The most recent tracker update for each site since September 1 will be considered a current entry. 

  • You will be entered only once per site even if you update the Tracker multiple times
  • If a site is tracked more than once by the same or different people, the most recent Tracker will be considered the entry for that site.

Update your Tracker every year for a new give-aways as available. Subscribe to be the first to know.

Directors, employees and contractors of Carolinian Canada and their families are not eligible.

Selection Process

Recipients will be identified throughout the eligibility time period.  Recipients will be selected based on Tracker submission by the Parade Team unless otherwise indicated.  You will only be contacted if you are selected. 


Recipient agrees to the following conditions (unless otherwise indicated in the give-away details)

Notification:  Recipients will be notified by email.  If recipient fails to respond or take action, give-aways may be re-allocated.

Distribution:  Recipient will work with organizers to receive give-aways within the Carolinian Zone using Covid-19 safety protocols. See below for distribution details.

PlantingRecipient will plant only on lands owned or managed by recipient in the Carolinian Zone; follow recommended planting instructions; do not plant in natural areas unless approved by an ecologist or Carolinian Canada; steward with care for 3 years; update Tracker annually; share photos for educational purposes.   

Outreach:  Recipient agrees to have name and submitted story published unless otherwise arranged.  We appreciate sharing of photos to accompany the story.

Follow Guidelines:  Carolinian Canada has the ability to withdraw give-aways at its discretion if not satisfied that guidelines are followed.

Other Guidelines

Additional guidelines apply for Pawpaw Parade give-aways

These guidelines apply to Carolinian Canada 10K Challenge Give-Aways.  Partner give-aways in the 10K Challenge and other Carolinian Canada give-aways not part of the 10K Challenge may follow different guidelines.  



These methods of distribution will be used unless otherwise specified. Recipients must work with organizers to assist as needed. Failure to respond or pick-up if needed, may result in re-allocation of give-away.  Distribution to points outside Carolinian Canada's capacity may be subject to fees. 

  • Large items (e.g. trees) – pick-up to be arranged with organizers using Covid-19 safety protocols
  • Small items – by mail or courier
  • Wildflower Kits – by mail when they become available in late fall
  • Virtual items (e.g. gift certificates) – by email
  • Consultation (e.g. garden design) – remotely by email, phone or video call with time limits.  Recipient has option to cover travel fees for an on-site service, or extended time depending on availability.
  • On-site services – to be arranged with organizers subject to time and location limits.  Recipient has option to cover travel fees for an on-site service, or extended time depending on availability.
  • Native plants – may be delayed until they are available (e.g. seasonal availability )
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