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Conservation Impact Bond

The Conservation Impact Bond is a place-based & multi-regional effort that leverages cross-sector collaboration to accelerate healthy landscapes. The end results include social, environmental and economic benefits in the Carolinian Zone with a goal to rehabilitate 1000 hectares of land.

We invite you to join a bold initiative that is co-designed to grow a green economy across local communities in southern Ontario, while honouring Indigenous ways of living, caring for our landscapes and supporting our local communities.


70 per cent of Canadians want conservation of nature included as part of the economic recovery


We cannot choose between the environment and the economy. We need both.

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We connect private and public sector market interests to the market value of sustainability and healthy landscapes.

We invite you to join this bold and innovative collaboration.

We are seeking business partners, investors and local supporters to lead the way for an economic recovery that includes a green future.

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We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss how this aligns with your priorities.

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Conservation Impact Bond

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